Ours is a whole horse approach; we assess all aspects of ethical horsemanship


A Balanced Reason consultation is the starting point for solving problems or for avoiding problems before they arise.  We work together looking at the five enablers of ethical horsemanship to piece together a plan for ideal  performance, to find optimal levels of what is right for you and your horse for this moment in time.The consultation follows a structured set of questions addressing each of these five aspects and in doing so, creates a detailed and personalised profile.

By using this framework for the consultation, we aim to start to empower you with the knowledge that you will need, to identify problems as and when they arrive and to analyse their causes before smaller things become real issues. This ensures that you and your horse stay happy, safe and healthier for longer.

A recommended action and therapy plan is then provided to you; including actions that you can apply immediately to begin to progress..

Our advice often includes  Equine and Human Bowen Technique and Applied Equine Podiatry recommendations and on occasion we may also advise the Fhoenix range of saddles.

We prefer to work at the place where your horse lives so that observation and an understanding of your individual circumstances can be built into our recommendations. The consultation also involves hands on assessment of you and your horse and we produce a report that is specific to you and your horse in your current situation.

We will look at your future aspirations and together we will build a plan that helps you move forward and perhaps re-defines some of your current goals. 

Working with Balanced Reason is both a partnership and a commitment.  We want you to feel more confident and knowledgeable about how to define and achieve success in your lives.  Sometimes results can be fast and dramatic and on other occasions results come more more slowly.  We take whatever the time that is necessary to allow change to happen.

Although a consultation is the ideal starting point for addressing your horse's whole health, it is also possible to focus on individual areas where needs demand, for example in the case of illness or accident.

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