A Balanced Reason consultation is about helping you to help your horse


We understand that life is not always straightforward and will help you gain understanding and enable you to make the right choices. Ideal natural performance can be viewed as a shifting goal rather than a final destination. 

It is a point in time in which both horse and human can move together in a physically and mentally balanced way, working together for mutual benefit.

We use the consultation to build your understanding of how to progress.  We look at you and your horse separately before we bring you together.  We seek to understand the challenges that you both face and form solutions that are both achievable and realistic, and of course also a little bit challenging.

Ethical Horsemanship knowledge and behaviours result in a horse and rider that are fit for the purpose they intend, whether that's a ride in the countryside or competing at the highest level, safe in the knowledge that the journey has been a fulfilling one.

The consultation entails a full analysis of you and your horse, your environment, how you ride and work together and your activities. It's a complete health check ideally re-visited on a regular basis, every 6 months or when a major change occurs.

Fully prioritised recommendations are given to help you make plans for the future or see how you can improve you and your horse's performance and a concise report for you to refer to in the future.  Photographs and video are used as a source of current and future reference, to track your horse's development.

Recommendations for Bowen technique, Equine Podiatry and Fhoenix Saddle use will be made as appropriate and consideration is also given to the ways in which you may wish to improve your riding, handling or relationship with your horse.

When carried out on a regular basis you will build up a history and plan of you and your horse's well-being together.

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A Balanced Reason consultation may be a one-off event however even greater benefit will be achieved by regularly revisiting the recommendations and working with us to build on your progress.  In this way, over the years we will create a comprehensive portfolio that marks your understanding and achievements.

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