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We are passionate about helping you and your horse achieve optimum natural
performance; we call it ethical horsemanship
A Balanced Reason consultation combines understanding, experience and an holistic framework to provide you
with the recommendations, action plan and support that will enable you to move forwards
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We are experts in professional remedial treatments
We provide therapies that focus on improving whole health and balance, making higher levels of achievement and enjoyment possible for both you and your horse
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 Equine & Human Bowen 

 Equine Podiatry

 Fhoenix saddles

Bowen Technique is a light touch remedial therapy that balances the body structurally (muscularly and skeletally), physiologically and emotionally.  It is a non-intrusive hands-on therapy which stimulates healing and can increase energy levels and pain relief. A soft (connective) tissue therapy, no manipulation of joints or needles are involved and finger pressure and action is used with muscles, tendons and ligaments, allowing resting periods for the body to respond.
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Equine Podiatry works to achieve and maintain equilibrium within the foot and achieves structural balance in the whole horse by establishing the correct environment for developing proper structure and function in the foot. Through advice, correct conditioning and balancing of the horse's foot it's possible for a horse to achieve high performance without the need for applying shoes.
Rather than focusing on a barefoot trim alone, applied equine podiatry offers complete rehabilitation and recommendations
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We firmly believe that an educated approach to saddling can help improve the relationship between horse and rider and the overall health of both.
We are agents for the Fhoenix saddle range from Heather Moffett and  Enlightened Equitation, pioneers in natural saddles
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