Ethical horsemanship is about making change happen.
We help you achieve natural performance through use of an holistic framework which
addresses five key aspects of you and your horse's relationship

   Balance for health
   - Balancing human and horse
   - Achieving balance from the foot up
   - Meeting nutritional demands
   - Conditioning and suppling the human
     and equine athlete

  Creating the right environment
  - Environmental impact and your horse's
  - Understanding how our environment
   impacts on us
  - Managing the risks to stay safe

  Interacting with your horse
  - Riding with balance
  - Handling, why we do what we do

Teaching and learning for you and your horse
- Building human and equine communication
- Respecting our differences
- Understanding the psychology of learning

Understanding our own behaviours
- Fit enough to function, mental, physical and
  emotional agility
- Creating our ability to respond

The Balanced Reason consultation uses this framework to start to empower you with the knowledge that you will need to identify problems as and when they arrive and to analyse their causes before smaller things become real issues.  This ensures that you and your horse stay happy, safe and healthier for longer. 

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