We are agents for Enlightened Equitation, specialists in the Fhoenix saddle range


We firmly believe that an educated approach to saddling can help improve the relationship between horse and rider and the overall health of both.

Heather Moffett of Enlightened Equitation has spent many years searching for a better way to ride for both the horse and the rider. Enlightened Equitation provides an inspirational approach to horse and rider comfort through their Fhoenix saddles.

The Fhoenix saddle has been designed to allow the ear/shoulder/hip/heel line to occur naturally and has a defined waist allowing all the benefits of a part treed saddle without the need to feel straddled, enabling the rider, with further guidance, to achieve better balance and communication with their horse.

It has been designed for maximum balance and comfort  and although the saddle is capable of fitting all horses, as there is no restriction caused by a poorly fitting tree, our saddle consultation ensures that the saddle is both suitable and the best option available for you and your horse.


Fhoenix saddles give unrestricted movement to your horse and can help with the rehabilitation of injuries, problems caused by ill fitting tack and issues caused by poor riding technique.

Our saddle consultation involves:
- Assessment of your horse standing still and moving
- Assessment of rider comfort in saddle at all gaits
- Fitting and giving recommendation as to the suitability
  of the Fhoenix saddle range
- Recommendations on the suitability of other items of
  tack such as numnahs and girths
- Recommendations, where appropriate, for any
  remedial exercises that may help the comfort of you
  and your horse.

Each saddle comes with a comprehensive fitting guide and a guide for better riding.

A full before and after sales service is provided to answer any questions you have.

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